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Cory Doctorow
2 min readSep 28


Monday (October 2), I’ll be in Boise to host an event with VE Schwab. On October 7–8, I’m in Milan to keynote Wired Nextfest.

#10yrsago FBI: We know you’re innocent, but you’re not getting off the No-Fly list unless you rat out your friends

#10yrsago EFF racks up another courtroom victory over the NSA: damning docs to follow

#10yrsago How Miss Teen USA’s sextortionist got caught

#10yrsago Judge requires patent troll to explain its “Mr Sham” business

#5yrsago Modern Monetary Theory: why government spending isn’t like household checkbooks

#5yrsago Defcon Voting Village report shows that hacking voting machines takes less time than voting CON 26 voting village report.pdf

#1yrago Maintaining monopolies with the cloud: Microsoft, Oracle and other cloud giants use their terms of service to prevent competition

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