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2003, 2013, 2018.

Cory Doctorow


#20yrsago Moses Znaimer ready to quit?

#20yrsago Palladium changes name, but not stripes

#10yrsago German court awards damages for loss-of-Internet, says net is “crucial part of people’s economic living standards”

#10yrsago Susan Crawford should run the FCC!

#10yrsago German soldiers develop left breasts

#5yrsago Trump will not make a state visit to UK unless Theresa May bans protests

#5yrsago The world’s richest 2000 billionaires could wipe out extreme poverty with one seventh of what they gained last year

#5yrsago Police Get Out of Jail cards are just the tip of the iceberg: no perp gets a sweeter deal than a cop

#5yrsago South Korean law bans mobile crapware, network discrimination, deceptive native advertising, and anti-adblock

#5yrsago Research report explains how adtech supercharges political deceit, allowing even bumblers to be master propagandists

#5yrsago Ontario Conservative leader abruptly resigns after he is accused of sexual assault and misconduct with very young, drunk women…