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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMay 7, 2022


#20yrsago Washington Post reporter doxes online critics, tries to get them fired

#15yrsago HOWTO own a 128-bit number! #AACS

#15yrsago Unauthorized Mickey Mouse pirate tee pays tribute to Dali

#15yrsago BBC Trustees agree to let BBC infect Britain with DRM

#10yrsago AAirpass: American Airlines’s all-you-can-eat lifetime first class ticket, and what became of it,0,3094073,full.story

#10yrsago Savage beatings for pro-democracy, anti-Putin protesters in Russia

#10yrsago Makers, the Master’s thesis

#10yrsago Scorching legal response from to the unsealed US gov’t docs on the illegal, sleazy seizure of its domain name

#5yrsago Matt Furie celebrated yesterday’s Free Comic Book Day by killing off Pepe the Frog

#5yrsago Irish police open blasphemy investigation into Stephen Fry for calling God an “utter maniac”

#5yrsago How to support a writer’s career

#1yrago The FTC’s (kick-ass) Right to Repair report



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