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Cory Doctorow


#20yrsago Be a crooked CEO for Hallowe’en

#15yrsago BBC exec’s straw-man defence of DRM

#10yrsago Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312: a novel that hints at what we might someday have (and lose)

#5yrsago The 2-person Montana company Whitefish Energy just lost its $300M contract to fix Puerto Rico’s grid

#5yrsago A viral “angriest librarian” explains why America needs libraries now more than ever

#5yrsago Universal health care is “free stuff” as in “freedom”

#5yrsago UK Tory aides are circulating a list of accused sexual predators and harassers in Parliament

Cory Doctorow ( is a science fiction author, activist, and blogger. He has a podcast, a newsletter, a Twitter feed, a Mastodon feed, and a Tumblr feed. He was born in Canada, became a British citizen and now lives in Burbank, California. His latest nonfiction book is Chokepoint Capitalism (with Rebecca Giblin), a book about artistic labor market and excessive buyer power. His latest novel for adults is Attack Surface. His latest short story collection is Radicalized. His latest picture book is Poesy the Monster Slayer. His latest YA novel is Pirate Cinema. His latest graphic novel is In Real Life. His forthcoming books include Red Team Blues, a noir thriller about cryptocurrency, corruption and money-laundering (Tor, 2023); and The Lost Cause, a utopian post-GND novel about truth and reconciliation with white nationalist militias (Tor, 2023).