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Cory Doctorow
2 min readDec 7, 2023


#20yrsago Not to be read by Metafilter Matt

#20yrsago How many years does an Azeri have to work to buy a copy of WinXP?

#15yrsago How the Great Firewall of Britain works

#15yrsago Maker of squeezy arthritis-friendly handgun claims the FDA has classed it as a medical device

#5yrsago US governmental conservationists really hope that young endangered seals will stop getting eels stuck in their nostrils

#5yrsago Every NSFWpocalypse sends users to small, indie platforms, who are threatened by the same factors that make no-platforming practical

#5yrsago Paranoid, miserable Facebook employees have started using burner phones to complain about the company to each other and the press

#5yrsago PWC recommended that corporations should ask science fiction writers about the future

#5yrsago America’s largest sex-furniture manufacturer pays well, sources locally, and is profitable and fast-growing

#5yrsago #D5: Advice for people who just realized that Qanon is bullshit

#5yrsago Devo’s open letter on “Drowning in a Devolved World”

#5yrsago Australia just voted to ban working cryptography. No, really.

#5yrsago Videos from the University of Chicago “Censorship and Information Control” seminar

#1yrago EU to Facebook, ‘Drop Dead’