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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMar 30, 2022


#15yrsago Canada’s copyright czar’s boomerang tantrum at Museum Assoc meeting

#15yrsago TSA missed 90% of bombs at Denver airport

#10yrsago Canada to stop issuing pennies, businesses told to round off to nearest 5 cents, or “work it out for themselves”

#10yrsago Spiders made from TSA-confiscated scissors

#5yrsago Laurie Penny blazes: Brexit is just the latest alibi for austerity

#5yrsago Australia leads the world in selling housing to money-launderers

#5yrsago Prison sentence for Spanish woman who tweeted jokes about the assassination of Franco’s fascist successor

#5yrsago Hungary’s ultra-right government wants to shut down its storied, amazing Central European University

#1yrago America needs a high-fiber broadband diet

#1yrago Minimum wage vs Wall Street bonuses: The fight for $44

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