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Cory Doctorow
2 min readNov 18, 2023

Today (November 18) at 1PM, I’ll be in Concord, NH at Gibson’s Books, presenting my new novel The Lost Cause, a preapocalyptic tale of hope in the climate emergency.

On Monday (November 20), I’m at the Simsbury, CT Public Library at 7PM.

#10yrsago UK Home Office suffers setback: can’t destroy family by deporting American head-teacher as his British wife begins cancer treatment

#10yrsago Rob Ford gives staff $5,000 taxpayer dollars each to stay on

#5yrsago Exec who oversaw Google’s failed babykiller projects and cozied up to Saudis quits after employee uprising

#5yrsago America’s big box stores sucked up corporate welfare and killed Main Street — now they’re ducking property tax

#5yrsago Google donated $5k to GOP Senator who “joked” about attending a lynching with her Black opponent

#5yrsago Sole and Despotic Dominion: my story about the future of private property for Reason

#1yrago Private equity health-care monopolies are on a profitable killing spree