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Cory Doctorow
2 min readApr 11, 2024

I’m on tour with my new, nationally bestselling novel The Bezzle! Catch me CHICAGO (Apr 17), Torino (Apr 21) Marin County (Apr 27), Winnipeg (May 2), Calgary (May 3), Vancouver (May 4), and beyond!

#20yrsago Remembering gopher

#20yrsago MSFT pays $440MM to settle DRM patent dispute

#15yrsago Billboards versus the attention economy: critical essay from 1960

#10yrsago RIP, Sue Townsend

#5yrsago Text-mining journalists find that lawmakers introduced 10,000 bills that were copypasted from lobbyists’ “model legislation”

#5yrsago Someone is targeting “critical infrastructure” safety systems in networked attacks

#5yrsago Courts and cops don’t know what to do with “sovereign citizens,” the delusional far-rightists who claim the law doesn’t apply to them

#5yrsago Amazon stores recordings of Alexa interactions and turns them over to internal staff and outside contractors for review

#5yrsago Teen Vogue explains capitalism

#5yrsago French officials call Project Gutenberg archive, 15 million ebooks, Grateful Dead recordings and Prelinger Archive “terrorism,” demands removal from Internet Archive

#5yrsago Brexit is cratering London house prices