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Cory Doctorow
3 min readDec 5, 2023


Next Tuesday (Dec 5), I’m at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC, with my new solarpunk novel The Lost Cause, which’s Bill McKibben called “The first great YIMBY novel: perceptive, scientifically sound, and extraordinarily hopeful.”

#15yrsago Berlin hacker con will use RFID badges to simulate life in a totalitarian panopticon

#15yrsago RIP, Forrest J Ackerman

#15yrsago Googling Security: book that opens your eyes to how much you disclose to Google

#10yrsago 75% of American silent feature films lost

#10yrsago NSA collecting unimaginable quantities of mobile phone location data for guilt-by-association data-mining

#10yrsago Democratic lawmakers share a squalorous house in DC

#10yrsago Rob Ford police document: allegations of heroin use and more

#10yrsago NYPD shoot at unarmed man, hit bystanders, charge man for making them shoot

#10yrsago Orange UK plumbs the depths of insulting, stupid marketing, finds a new low

#5yrsago What it’s like to be a woman reporter on a cryptocurrency cruise where nearly all the other women are sex-workers

#5yrsago See you in court: amid protests, shameless Wisconsin GOP neuters the incoming governor in an all-night, lame-duck session

#5yrsago British Member of Parliament publishes 250 pages of damning internal Facebook documents that had been sealed by a US court

#5yrsago The longest-serving Congressman in US history proposes a four fixes for American democracy

#5yrsago RIP, George HW Bush: a mass-murderer and war-criminal

#5yrsago Trump cybersecurity advisor Rudy Giuliani has no idea how the internet works

#5yrsago Not just breaches: Never, ever use Quora

#5yrsago Obamacare study: 25% decline in home delinquencies among newly insured poor people

#5yrsago Poland rejects the EU’s copyright censorship plans, calls it #ACTA2

#1yrago Monopoly’s event-horizon: The true capitalist singularity

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