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Cory Doctorow
2 min readNov 23, 2021


#20yrsago Run Quake on a Linux PDA

#15yrsago Recording industry swears off DRM</a.

#10yrsago 21 lb layer cake containing three pies

#10yrsago Blazing de-bullshitification of the arguments for militarized campus police forces

#10yrsago Why “earn” is a poor word-choice when describing the profits of the 1%

#10yrsago Aussie senator: News Corp offered me favorable coverage if I killed legislation it didn’t like

#5yrsago Alex Halderman: we will never know if the Wisconsin vote was hacked unless we check now

#5yrsago Turkish dictator fires 15,000 more public workers, shuts down 375 more NGOs and 9 more news outlets

#5yrsago Kansas Attorney General apologizes for citing Dred Scott decision in abortion-ban brief

#5yrsago UK’s new surveillance law creates a national browser history with a search engine to match

#5yrsago Snowden’s lawyer says he’ll testify about German surveillance…if Germany gets him safe passage out of Russia

#1yrago Guatemala’s guillotines…



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