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Cory Doctorow
2 min readFeb 10, 2024


#20yrsago Emotional Design: The Principles ETCON talk notes

#20yrsago My ETCON talk, in the Public Domain

#15yrsago Apple sez jailbreaking iPhones is illegal and should be banned

#15yrsago RIP, Atomic Ed Grothus, curator and proprietor of the Black Hole of Los Alamos

#15yrsago Hard data on ebook piracy versus sales — slides from O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing panel

#10yrsago Chinese-language Bing searches in the USA censored to match mainland Chinese results

#10yrsago The Coruscant Tapestry: 30′ long Star Wars cross-stitch

#10yrsago Militant commander accidentally blows up dozens of trainee suicide bombers

#5yrsago Police lobbyist: cops will not be motivated to stop crime unless they are allowed to steal people’s stuff

#5yrsago Courthouse shut after sheriff notices bedbugs “falling out of” lawyer’s clothes

#5yrsago Thomas Piketty explains how Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax is American as apple pie

#5yrsago After promising health care execs that Medicare for All was dead, Pelosi’s team plans toothless pharma deal

#5yrsago Netherlands court strikes down Dutch grifter’s patent claim over Ethiopia’s ancient staple grain teff

#5yrsago Bank lobbyists are scared to meet with AOC because she might humiliate them on Twitter later

#5yrsago Barefoot Engineers: rural women from Malawi, trained as solar engineers, who are electrifying their remote villages

#5yrsago Amazon just bought mesh wifi company Eero. Oh, great.