This day in history

2003, 2008, 2013, 2018.

Cory Doctorow
2 min readDec 10, 2023


#20yrsago SCO sends IBM 1,000,000 pieces of paper

#20yrsago Urban farmers reclaim Detroit

#15yrsago What the hell is a Credit Default Swap?

#15yrsago EFF (cautiously) optimistic at record labels’ offering of a blanket license to universities

#15yrsago Austin teacher threatens to sic cops on Linux group because “No software is free”

#10yrsago FreeBSD won’t use Intel & Via’s hardware random number generators, believes NSA has compromised them

#10yrsago UK kids have the right to opt out of school fingerprinting (even if their parents are OK with it)

#10yrsago Canada’s spooks were NSA bagmen, established spy-posts in 20+ countries and “transnational targets”

#10yrsago Peak indifference to surveillance

#10yrsago Tech giants call for global surveillance law reform

#10yrsago Cyanogenmod adds encrypted SMS from WhisperSystems

#10yrsago Life from the near future of location surveillance

#5yrsago Syndicated columnist censored for writing about the risks of hedge funds and billionaires buying papers

#5yrsago Rhode Island lawsuit argues that the Constitution guarantees a right to sufficient education to be an informed citizen

#5yrsago Costa Rica abolished its army in 1949 and thereafter enjoyed the best per-capita GDP growth in the region