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Cory Doctorow
2 min readFeb 28, 2024


I’m on tour with my new novel The Bezzle! Catch me THURSDAY (Feb 29) in PHOENIX at Changing Hands, then Tucson (Mar 9–10), and more!

A yellow rectangle. On the left, in blue, are the words ‘Cory Doctorow.’ On the right, in black, is ‘The Bezzle.’ Between them is the motif from the cover of *The Bezzle*: an escheresque impossible triangle. The center of the triangle is a barred, smaller triangle that imprisons a silhouetted male figure in a suit. Two other male silhouettes in suits run alongside the top edges of the triangle.

#15yrsago Amusement park offers surveillance footage of you as a souvenir*/

#10yrsago Report from Trustycon: like RSA, but without the corruption

#10yrsago King no longer claims to own “candy,” still claims it owns “saga”

#5yrsago #FixItAlready: EFF’s wishlist for fixing tech’s worst privacy and security choices

#5yrsago The “Reputation Management” industry continues to depend on forged legal documents

#5yrsago Pentagon Inspector General reveals widespread retaliation against whistleblowers with impunity for the retaliators and the wrongdoers

#5yrsago Amazon killed Seattle’s homelessness-relief tax by threatening not to move into a massive new building, then they canceled the move anyway

#5yrsago Bad security design made it easy to spy on video from Ring doorbells and insert fake video into their feeds

#5yrsago London’s awful estate agents are cratering, warning of a “prolonged downturn” in the housing market

#5yrsago Yet another study shows that the most effective “anti-piracy” strategy is good products at a fair price

#5yrsago EFF’s roadmap for a 21st Century antitrust doctrine

#1yrago VW wouldn’t help find kidnapped child because his mother wasn’t paying for find-my-car subscription