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Cory Doctorow
2 min readMar 1, 2024


I’m on tour with my new, nationally bestselling novel The Bezzle! Catch me in TUCSON (Mar 9–10), then San Francisco (Mar 13), and more!

A yellow rectangle. On the left, in blue, are the words ‘Cory Doctorow.’ On the right, in black, is ‘The Bezzle.’ Between them is the motif from the cover of *The Bezzle*: an escheresque impossible triangle. The center of the triangle is a barred, smaller triangle that imprisons a silhouetted male figure in a suit. Two other male silhouettes in suits run alongside the top edges of the triangle.

#15yrsago Amazon supplier loses warehouse lease, invites the public to loot its books

#10yrsago Putin launches Russian invasion of Ukraine; UN security council meets

#10yrsago Disney drops $4.8M in Boy Scouts funding over anti-gay policy

#10yrsago South Carolina legislature confiscates budget of college for assigning Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home” as a reading

#10yrsago TSA agents demand bag-search to look for “Bitcoins”

#5yrsago University of California system libraries break off negotiations with Elsevier, will no longer order their journals

#5yrsago German Data Privacy Commissioner warns at new Copyright Directive will increase the tech oligopoly, make EU companies dependent on US filter vendors, and subject Europeans to surveillance by US companies