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2002, 2007, 2012, 2017, 2021.

Cory Doctorow


#20yrsago Dan Gillmor: The dotcom bubble was a Big Con

#20yrsago GW Bush parodies can’t air on UK TV without his permission

#15yrsago Time’s Joe Klein shoves his foot in his gob on NSA wiretapping

#15yrsago Canada’s coming DMCA will be the worst copyright yet

#10yrsago Letter from Alabama AG to KKK Grand Wizard: “Kiss my ass”

#10yrsago Hotel break-ins blamed on flaw in keycard system

#10yrsago Collaborative critical study of one-line BASIC program written for the Commodore 64

#5yrsago One of the net’s most important freedom canaries died the day the W3C greenlit web-wide DRM; what can we learn from the fight?

#5yrsago Trump appointed a loan-shark fixer as an assistant Attorney General, who then wrote a controversial memo justifying the neutering of the consumer finance watchdog

#5yrsago Comcast spams social media with Net Neutrality promises, hopes you won’t notice that they used to promise a LOT more

#5yrsago Religious fanatics go to the Supreme Court for the First Amendment right to trick women into bearing unwanted children

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