Vizio makes more money spying on people who buy TVs than it does on TVs themselves

A Vizio television; its screen is filled with the red eye of HAL9000 and a Gilded Age editorial cartoon of a rich man whose head has been replaced with a bag of money stands in one corner of the screen. Image: Cryteria (modified) CC BY:




Writer, blogger, activist. Blog:; Mailing list:; Twitter:

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Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow

Writer, blogger, activist. Blog:; Mailing list:; Twitter:

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The Duke Center for the Public Domain’s collage of artwork from movies, music and books that entered the public domain on Jan 1.

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The anti-piracy “You Wouldn’t Steal A Car” title-card, modified to read “You Wouldn’t Steal the Future.”

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Bosch’s painting ‘The Conjurer,’ which depicts a grinning magician amazing a group of rubes with a shell-game trick. The face of the magician has been replaced with Elon Musk’s, and one of the shells on the table has been replaced with a Tesla automobile. Image: Heisenberg Media (modified) Steve Jurvetson (modified) CC BY 2.0: https://creativecommo