What would a live concert album sound like with all the songs taken out?

Gavin Edwards’ “Having Fun On Stage With Everybody.”

Cory Doctorow
2 min readJul 27, 2021


The crowd at a 2013 M.I.A. concert at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles. Photo by Gavin Edwards.

I’ve known Gavin Edwards for decades, and watched him produce a string of weird and imaginative and wholly successful projects, from his books of “mondegreens” (misheard lyrics) to his definitive biography of Mr Rogers:


Back in 1995, Gavin was seized by a weird (and very nineties) impulse: he created a mixtape called “Having Fun On Stage With Everybody,” consisting of all the stuff from canonical concert albums except the music.

Tuning, jokes, banter, emcees exhorting audiences to welcome this band or that to the stage. Gavin figured the natural audience for this odd project was two people — specifically two friends who got off on the same weird audio adventures as he did.

But a quarter-century later, Gavin is prepared to believe that the vast and variegated internet might have an audience of still more people for this audio adventure, so he’s digitized it and posted it to the internet:


It’s mirrored to Bandcamp, Soundcloud and the, Internet Archive, licensed under a CC license. This is kinda confusing — he’s chosen a ND license, but says “you’re free to slice it up or use it for your own purposes.”

More importantly, all this stuff is not his copyright to CC — instead (as he points out), it’s a glorious exercise in fair use and transformative works.

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